Real Bread: learn it, make it, bake it, taste it. Real Wood-Fired Ovens: how, why, where.

Jim Wills has passed. MaryG's is closed. RIP

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Mary G's Artisan Breads has brought genuine old world breads back to the new world. The recipes and centuries-old, wood-fired methods of Europe now can be learned at our two-day workshops. The breads we make during our courses don't just look artisan, they are artisan. Each recipe is carefully selected to illustrate the core methods and techniques our students need to recreate genuine European loaves and pizzas on a consistent and tasty basis, time after time.
Mary G's brick oven was hand-built by the head baker. Eventually, our Pizza Builders wing was formed to satisfy the growing demand from both residential and commercial customers for these historic ovens. We have built and installed both brick and exceptional Mugnaini modular ovens from Manitoba to the Maritimes, either free-standing outside or built-in to kitchens.  The interest in them increases year by year for a very good reason: there is no restaurant or home oven that can duplicate the superior results they produce. Surging interest is, in part, a good thing. In part, it's not, because it has created an army of instant experts with little experience and inferior manufacturers or slippery dealers interested in sales rather than quality products, guarantees or customer service.  As consultants, we assist individuals and companies to sift through the welter of claims and products to find the best equipment available.

For restaurateurs and homeowners who want to install an oven their kitchens, it is crucial to determine whether a modular oven has Underwriters Laboratory approval and ULC compliance, plus ETL testing.  Mugnaini ovens have all three.  In many municipalities, ovens without them will not be permitted.  At the very least a costly engineering study will be required before installation can begin.  European Union regulations are not recognized in North America. Soaring insurance costs are another consideration.

If you're looking for old-world artisan knowledge, if you want to understand how and why a wood-fired oven works so well, if you need an oven in your home or restaurant, Mary G's Artisan Breads and The Pizza Builders have what you need.
From Australia to England, Mexico to the Yukon Territory, and all across North America, people have come to Mary G's because they want to learn wood-fired artisan bread and pizza techniques in small, hands-on groups. The days are long, the instruction intensive and the breads delicious.  
Toronto is justly famous for its Italian wood-fired pizza restaurants, because the crusts, textures and flavours are so superior to pizzas made in ordinary gas ovens. Through The Pizza Builders, we install the finest pizza and bread ovens available, both commercial and residential.

From our students:

You can quote us as saying that it was a unique, top-notch weekend workshop where we learned much more than we anticipated.  It was casual with lots of laughs, but well organized and every aspect held our interest, from the building of the fire, to the preparation of the dough, to the bakeoff.  Coming out of the course, I think we all walked away eager to attempt our own loaves and try it at home.  You made the class basic and simple enough that we were able to leave with the confidence
that we could bake our own bread, but also the aware-  ness that bread-making can be an art form, and that repetition and creativity open up all kinds of possibilities.
Roger, Chris & Donna
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the weekend bread course. I had a spectacular time. I really enjoyed myself, learned an awful lot about making bread and wood burning ovens. I can't tell you how much I'd love to have one! I've got to figure out how to get one in the backyard! The bread all tasted great. As I said, the course really exceeded my expectations in every way! I'll be back for more next year. I'll spend some time mastering the breads you taught us to make this weekend and probably sign up for your grains course after I have them down pat.
Francesco, Toronto

I honestly must say that since your workshop, I finally, really feel like I know what I'm doing. You have given me the foundation I needed to do the further research and experimen-
tation needed to advance.
I have come further in understanding the micro- biology and intricacies of growing bread since your workshop than I did in the 16 years prior. You can quote me on that.
Sal, Elizabethtown, NJ

From our readers:

Thanks so much, Jim, for your extraordinary gift of your priceless,articulate, compre- 
hensive, well illustrated book on bread baking in a masonry oven. This is the quintessential contribution to your library; plus you don't have to worry about getting the pages greasy in e-book form!
Marcel Demiranda, Oregon