The Pizza Builders

The Pizza Builders
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We offer Canadians from Ontario to the Maritimes, Toronto to Halifax, the finest available Italian-made commercial and residential wood-fired pizza ovens. Whether you're opening a wood-fired pizza restaurant or entertaining friends and family at home with traditional pizzas, breads, meats, casseroles and fish, there is a top quality oven to suit your requirements. From high production restaurants to residential indoor or outdoor sites, The Pizza Builders will guide you through every phase. We'll assist you in choosing the right oven from our broad selection. We'll help you through the steps, from purchasing to installation, from firing to techniques and recipes.
If you're looking for the perfect ninety second, authentic, wood-fired Italian pizza, look no further than The Pizza Builders . If you've never experienced the superb taste and texture of pizzas, steaks, fish, roasts and casseroles made in a wood-fired oven, now is your opportunity.
A Pizza Builders installation in Hockley Valley, Ontario.
Under Construction, Cedar Point, Ontario.
Nearly Finished, Residential Cabana, Inside, Etobicoke, Ontario.
Residential Cabana, Outside, Etobicoke, Ontario.
Pizzeria, Montreal, Quebec.
Contact The Pizza Builders for sizes, prices, shipping information, and (optional) a quote on installation at your site. Except for the factory assembled models (which require considerable access space to install) all our ovens require a custom-made stand, additional insulation, plus the enclosure of your choice. Every oven should be mated to a double-walled, insulated, stainless steel chimney, although a heavier masonry chimney can be used.
Modular and fully assembled residential ovens are available with cooking floors from 31 inches to 39 x 47 inches. The basic kits vary in price from $2150 to $6500 for a fully assembled unit. These prices are in $US and do not include shipping, duties, installation materials or custom installation by The Pizza Builders.
The commercial ovens we offer can be found in pizza restaurants throughout Italy, especially in Naples, where many people say the best pizza in the world is made. Whether fully assembled or modular, these ovens are designed to withstand the rigors of high temperature cooking 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
These modular and fully assembled restaurant ovens are available with cooking floors from 47 to 73 inches. The basic kits vary in price from $6350 to $15,500. These prices are in $US and do not include shipping, duties, installation materials or custom installation by The Pizza Builders.
The Pizza Builders team of artisans will handle as much or as little of your project as you wish, whether simply giving guidance by phone or email, or providing a complete installation from the ground up. We can also teach you about all the aspects of using your oven, from firing to pizza making.
Jim Wills of Mary G's Artisan Breads is in charge of oven assembly, dome building, refractory mortar and ultra-high temperature insulation. His experience is broad in many areas of construction, including masonry, and he built the large Mary G's bread oven from scratch.
Jim at the Mary G's oven
Jeff Cooper is a joiner, cabinetmaker and house builder with more than twenty years experience under his tool belt. He is responsible for framing and enclosures, both inside and out, plus offering our customers custom trim options to make your oven one of a kind.
Traditional blacksmith Lloyd Johnston has a considerable reputation for his fine ironwork, most notably being asked to add to the wrought iron fencing on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. His expertise is used for the custom fabrication of metal oven stands, oven doors and tools, racks, and just about anything made from iron or steel a customer could require to set off a Forno Bravo oven.
Lloyd at the forge
Chris Cookman is a highly talented and experienced stone mason. As part of The pizza Builders team, he brings our customers a variety of options in natural or cultured stone oven facades, flagstone patios, walkways and indoor flooring, plus landscape design to surround and complement your outdoor oven centre.
Grant Carter knows brick and he knows block. Over twenty years, he has built many, many masonry chimneys, brick house facades and block foundations. He's responsible for all our foundations, block stands, and brick work.
Contact us at for more information. We'll be glad to help you own and enjoy a residential or commercial Forno Bravo oven like the fine examples shown below. Contact us for more design ideas, from residential outdoor kitchens and stand-alone outdoor ovens to interior installations and a variety of restaurant treatments.