The Breads...
The shapes, the crust, the crumb, the taste and aroma of genuine Artisan bread...

All our breads are made to the highest possible standards.  They're created for taste.  The masterful simplicity of the ingredients and the skill of the baker combine to bring you maximum flavour.  Mary G's breads are designed for the discriminating palate that values quality, appreciates complex flavour development, welcomes rich aromas and a superb, lingering finish.

Mary G's breads contain no additives or preservatives.  Every ingredient is  listed on the label, nothing more, nothing less.  No nonsense.  No compromises.
Our hearth breads are created using just three core ingredients: the freshest flours, glacial morraine spring water, and gray sea salt from the Brittany coast of France, all transformed by the alchemy of wild yeast. 
The distinctive circular pattern on the crust of some of our loaves comes from traditional French coiled rush baskets, or banneton, in which the dough  is risen but not baked.  The pronounced slitting or docking of the bread is done by the baker with a lame, or bread blade, to produce what the French call the grigne, or pucker.  It's the signature of true artisan bread.

All natural leavens, sourdoughs and barms come from a combination of locally gathered wild yeast, flour and water made by the head baker.  For other breads, SAF Gold Yeast from France is used.  All herbs are fresh, grown next to the oven, or dried from the same garden.  Eggs are genuine free-range of exceptional freshness.  Where specified, organic and low gluten flours are selected to suit the requirements of our customers.  Other ingredients are chosen only for quality and flavour, not price.
Mary G's breads are labour intensive and time consuming to produce.  Our hearth breads take two, sometimes three, days to prepare. One full day is required to bring our large oven up to ideal baking heat. For these reasons, the selection below is offered to our customers by special order only.  Please contact us at for prices, timing and  pick-up or delivery.
Catering or large orders should be booked one week in advance.  Sizes and weights can be adjusted on request.

Hearth Breads

Mary G's Olive & Thyme Boule
This is our most popular hearth loaf.  Two pounds (one kilo) of intense flavour from the wild yeast levain, hard, unbleached bread flour, wheat germ, brine cured and Kalamata olives, and fresh thyme or oregano. The flavour reaches maximum complexity due to a slow,cold  rise, over two days, from dough to finished loaf.  Toasted, a slice fills the room with an olive/grain aroma that should not be missed.  For sandwiches, using cheeses like Havarti and Parma ham is simply delicious, or try a simple grilled "pizza" with Marzano tomatoes, olive oil and grated parmesan or Mozarella di Buffala.  Bruschetta will never be the same when made on this bread.
Boule au Levain
This kilogram loaf is also made over two days.  It might be called a classic sourdough, because of the of the wild yeast starter.  Made from a combination of hard, unbleached bread flour, stone ground wheat and stone ground rye flour, and wheat germ.  At the discretion of the baker, flax meal and/or brown flax seeds are occasionally incorporated.  Special requests for more or different seed additions will be honoured, depending on supply.  The grain flavours of this bread are quite pronounced; try it with strong cheeses, like Sainte d'Azur, Stilton, Gorgonzola, Marscapone or extra old Cheddar.  The classic ham and cheese sandwich is outstanding on Boule au Levain.

Mary G's Rye Boule
One kilo of classic rye flavour that will appeal to Northern European tastes.  Another of our two-day breads, this one is made with a combination of rye, wheat and bread flours proportioned by the head baker.  This is a fine example of wild yeast hearth bread created with a specifically developed rye barm.  Other ingredients: brown flax and brown sesame seeds.
Serve it with hearty soups and top it with aged cheeses like old Gouda, Emmenthal or Comte.
Wild Yeast Seed Bread
Made with a specially created wild yeast stone ground whole wheat starter, the wheat flour flavour of this kilo artisan loaf is complemented by toasted pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds.
Pain à  l’ancienne
Made according to a revolutionary method of cold fermentation, this superb baguette has a nut like flavour, extremely open crumb and extraordinary crust.  At 600 grams, it's a perfect platform for fine cheeses and pâte at your next gathering.  The ingredients are deceptively simple: unbleached bread flour, salt, SAF yeast and water.  Very long, very  slow cold fermentation allows the amylase enzymes to break out the natural sugars present in the grain, thereby creating complex flavours and crust characteristics that cannot be obtained any other way.  Wood-fired baking brings them all together.

Potato, Cheddar & Chive Bâtard

At about 600 grams, this zesty, tasty batârd/ torpedo benefits from the combination of red skin potatoes, old cheddar and fresh chives.  The potatoes soften the crumb and add important minerals to the refined taste of this complex bread, while the cheddar breaks out from the deep slashes in the crust.  Ingredients beyond those mentioned: hard, unbleached bread flour, potato cooking water, wild yeast starter, Brittany sea salt, SAF yeast.  This substantial hearth loaf makes wonderful sandwiches, great bruschetta and excellent toast.  It's a fine accompaniement to a soup or stew  when the weather turns cold. Like all Mary G's wood-fired loaves, it freezes very well.  Just make sure to let it thaw slowly, with the bag open.

Roasted Onion & Asiago Miche
The flavour of this large miche can only be described as stunning.  It takes three days to bring the dough to fruition through several stages of cold retardation. Combining a wet sponge, wild yeast starter, hard bread flour, Asiago Mezzano cheese, plus fresh chives and scallions, yields a bread with an assertive taste array, strong finish, and a large, open, yet creamy crumb.  Even more Asiago Mezzano and roasted, caramelized onions are added as toppings during the last rise before baking.  At approximately twelve inches across and four inches high, and more than a kilo and a half, this remarkable premium bread would be a spectacular centrepiece at any party.  Perfect with pâte, roasted red pepper antipasto, just butter, or on its own, this bread will not be forgotten easily. 
Smaller sizes available on request.
Multigrain Seed Loaf
This one kilo, two-day preparation loaf might be the definition of hearty.  The wild yeast leaven dough is made with hard bread, wheat, rye and seven-grain flours, plus a generous helping of toasted sunflower, pumpkin, brown sesame and poppy seeds.  A sprinkling of Natunola Omega-3 Flax 70 rounds out a formula devised by our head baker.  Homemade soups, both vegetable and meat, or chicken, pork, beef or lamb stew, would make a complete meal with just this bread as an accompaniement.  A slice of our Multigrain Seed Loaf topped with braised beef and gravy will make you famous.
Poilâne Miche
Pana Pugliese
In the southeastern Italian region of Apulia, this rustic bread is a long established tradition among country bakers and consumers alike.  One bakery there uses 10,000 kilos of flour a day to make it.  The distinctly nutty flavour comes from a combination of North American hard wheat flour and Golden Durum flour (the same used to make fine Italian pasta) at a proportion determined by the head baker at Mary G's.  High hydration levels create the classic open whole structure that is the signature of rustic loaves.  Pane Pugliese is excellent with any Italian antipasti, from salami to mortadella to prosciutto, simply on its own, with a dipping sauce of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, or to accompany spicy soups and gravy-rich stews.  Hearty sandwiches for a fall outing, Thanksgiving celebration or winter holidays would be welcomed by your guests. 
Available in large (1 kilo/ 2 lb.) loaves, or in a 500 gram/1 lb. size (shown).
Pan Breads
Pain de Mie
It seems that the French were first puzzled, then intrigued by English white pan bread.  As a result, they came up with their own version, Pain de Mie, literally "bread of the crumb." When it later came to North America, this square white bread was called a Pullman Loaf, because it was often made in Pullman Car kitchens as trains criss-crossed the continent. 
Our Pain de Mie bears no resemblance in either consistency or flavour to the white breads found in supermarkets.  Made with a wheat biga that's fermented overnight, unbleached all-purpose flour, nonfat dry milk, butter, spring water, Brittany sea salt and SAF instant yeast, it is the ultimate sandwich bread.  You'll never use another bread for French Toast. Because of the tight crumb structure, it can be sliced very thin and still hold it's shape, making it the perfect, almost crustless bread for canapes or cucumber sandwiches.
At nearly three pounds, this is a large loaf  that freezes exceptionally well.  The loaf is square in section because it's risen and baked in a lidded French pan made specifically for this purpose.
An even larger size is available, made in another purpose-designed French pan.
Biga Whole Wheat
Whole wheat breads can be difficult to master, because the flour lacks the gluten  for a good rise and open crumb.  This can lead to dense, heavy breads.  We've changed all that by using a biga preferment to give this wonderful sandwich and toast bread a light, airy structure. The ingredients for these enriched loaves are: whole milk, spring water, Demerra sugar, active dry yeast, unsalted butter, Brittany sea salt, stone ground organic whole wheat flour, hard bread flour and vital wheat gluten.
Even a humble peanut butter and jam sandwich will be transformed by this bread.  Ham and old cheddar, Italian salami and Asiago, and many more combinations will raise the sandwich to a new level.
By request, this bread can be made even more nutritious by the addidition of toasted pumpkin, brown sesame, sunflower and poppy seeds.
Alternate Grains
Gluten Free Loaves
In response to many requests from customers who are intolerant to wheat gluten in any form, we have begun exploring recipes and making gluten free breads.  The 1 kilo loaves shown here were made with a combination of white rice, potato and tapioca flour, with a small percentage of almond flour to add flavour.  Other ingredients include sugar, sea salt, instant dry milk, SAF instant yeast, free range eggs, lemon juice, olive oil and spring water.  There are other recipes, especially from which we will be making to order.
The materials for making these breads are expensive, so the prices begin in the $8 range. 
Spelt Loaf

Spelt Biscuits

Spelt Muffins
Spelt is an ancient grain (really a grass); the antecedent to modern wheats.  Traders brought it from the Middle East to Europe, where it continued to be the favourite grain until the 19th century development of "modern" wheat strains.  Spelt is easy to digest, and has more protein, fat and crude fibre than wheat.  In Europe, it is known as a high energy source for athletes needing long periods of stamina, and people with wheat allergies find they do not react to it.
Our delicious Spelt Muffins are made with organic spelt flour, Demerra sugar, baking powder, Brittany sea salt, whole milk, free-range eggs and sunflower oil.
They're wonderful with strong cheeses or simply with jam.


Mary G's Artisan Kaisers

Baking in a wood fired brick oven turns otherwise relatively common recipes into something completely different.  Although Mary G's Artisan Kaisers have the same basic shape as those found in supermarket bins, the crust, crumb and flavour are of another order.  They have substance, they hold their shape, they don't fall apart, they don't get soggy when loaded with BBQ toppings.  Grilled hamburgers, marinated pork, roasted vegetables all get a boost from these large rolls.
Minimum order: one dozen.
Potato & Rosemary Rolls
These hand made, individually sized dinner rolls are a far cry from extruded supermarket offerings in plastic bags.  The crust is thin and yielding, the crumb is tight and creamy due to the garlic mashed potatoes (Julia Child formula) mixed into the dough.  Once opened, the fresh rosemary and subtle garlic flavours are released for a very appetizing but not overpowering aroma.  At home or in a restaurant setting, these rolls will complement poultry, pork or beef dishes, especially those served with sauces.  They will not last long on any table.
Also available with oregano, basil or flat leaf parsley as an infusion.  Minimum order: one dozen.
 Prince Albert Wood-Fired Bagels
Those of us fortunate enough to have eaten a really good bagel tend to remember when it happened and where, because ordinary bagels are just that, ordinary.  Our wood-fired, brick-oven bagels evoke just such a memory.  The ingredients are very simple: hard, unbleached bread flour, spring water, SAF Gold Yeast, malt powder and malt syrup.  The results, however, are nothing short of spectacular because of the preparation methods and wood firing.  If you're looking for the best bagel, whether Montreal or New York style, these are the ones for you.
Toppings include poppy seed, brown sesame seed, coarse Brittany sea salt, or a combination of all three, as shown above. Minimum order: one dozen.

 Fresh from the oven, it's difficult not to eat these Prince Albert Bagels while they're still steaming hot.