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Mary G's Artisan Breads is located in Prince Albert, Ontario, a rural village near Port Perry and north of Whitby, 70 kilometres from downtown Toronto, Ontario.  For information on our wide range of two-day bread baking courses, more details or an oven tour, contact us at By phone, call 905-985-8957.
In response to many requests, our two-day, intensive, hearth bread baking courses are available by appointment. Class size is a minimum of two, maximum four. The cost, including lunch both days, all ingredients and printed material, is $500 per participant. Every participant will take with them a loaf of each bread they have baked themselves, plus four ounces of Mary G's wild yeast starter they can propagate. A daily class agenda is available. See the What's New Page for dates.
Building and baking in wood-fired brick ovens is a worldwide phenomenon that is gaining speed. There are literally hundreds of sites and forums out there on the Internet. This community, from North America, South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand is universally passionate about construction, bread and pizza, and universally generous with their time, advice and encouragement.  This goes a lot further, entering the broader world of cuisine and wine.  What, after all, could be better than a fine pairing of wood fired pizza and great wine?


The team of Savvy Company’s sommeliers continually travels, always adding to the list of great wines we think are worth sharing. And share them we do — through Savvy Selections. Every month, three different bottles of premium Canadian wine from a featured winemaker are delivered straight to your door. These are wines you won’t find at the LCBO or SAQ — handpicked by us for your enjoyment. With Savvy Selectionsyou also get to know the people and the stories behind the wines through our monthly eZine & can try your hand at some recipes we’ve chosen specifically to match each bottle.

Subscribe to the Savvy Selections & open your door to the discovery of spectacular Canadian wines.

Ovens, Pizza, Tools and Blues 
A prime example of this global movement is Frankie Giovanni from northern California. Check out his great selection of bread and pizza tools, gear, books, ingredients at:
The prices are very fine, and shipping charges are kept in line.


Have a Look at What's Out There
Mary G's is all about bread, but that doesn't mean we don't make pizzas, though our oven is specifically designed for bread baking.  If you're thinking about buying or building your own pizza oven, definitely visit .   Through The Pizza Builders, Mary G's is the authorized contact for Mugnaini ovens in eastern Canada, so talk to us directly for more information on buying an authentic pizza oven for your home or restaurant or bakery.  We have the experience and the personnel to carry out expert installations, both inside and outside. 

Another great site, run by Bill Funkhouser, will give you lots of tips on building your own oven, making pizza and a great deal more specific information.  Check it out at

Extend Your Visit

If you come to Mary G's for one of our courses, be advised that good accommodations are not plentiful in our area.  We do have a list of approved establishments, primarily B&Bs.  However, if you're looking for superior accommodation, exceptional spa treatments, great meals and fine wine, but sure to visit Highfields Country Inn and Medi Spa.  It's located in a beautiful country setting near the Village of Zephyr and close to Uxbridge.

HighFields Country Inn & Spa

11568-11570 Concession 3,
Zephyr, Ontario
L0E 1T0